[v1.4] February 28, 2024

Released files options to Landsat Collection 2 Level-1 products

[v1.3] June 15, 2022

This release contains several major internal improvements and Landsat 9 access.

[v1.2.7] October 1, 2020

ASTER L1T has been removed from the available datasets

[v1.2.6] July 2019

Migrated the underlying architecture to a new database and integrated with Machine-to-Machine v1.5

[v1.2.5] March 2019

Migrated WMS overlay sources from dds.cr.usgs.gov to ims.cr.usgs.gov

[v1.2.4] September 2018

Switched dynamically generated coverage layers (based on filters) to static coverage layers for improved performance

[v1.2.3] August 2018

Applied new required USGS VisID to GloVis.usgs.gov

[v1.2.2] July 2018

[v1.2.1] May 2018

[v1.2] December 27, 2017

[v1.1.1] May 15, 2017

[v1.1] March 15, 2017

This release includes many improvements to the speed of the display and Landsat 8 access.

Tip: for users who would like to upload a KML or Shapefile, apply a WMS layer, draw a reference polygon, or add a point marker with a label, those features are available in the Reference Layers panel of the Interface Controls. Don't see the Reference Layers panel? In your Preferences, under General Preferences, enable the Reference Layer Panel.


Initial release of the non-Java applet version of the application.