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USGS Global Visualization Viewer: Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

The USGS Global Visualization Viewer (GloVis) is a quick and easy online search and order tool for selected satellite and aerial data. When you open the USGS Global Visualization Viewer, you will see the Browse Image Viewer in the middle of the page:

GloVis Viewer image

This view shows a mosaic of the most recent cloud-free browse images around the default starting point. From here, you can begin to explore the other images from our archive:

Creating a Scene List

When you discover a suitable scene, simply "Add" the highlighted scene to your Scene List at the lower left of the display.

Modifying the Scene List

To delete a scene from the Scene List, select the scene within the list and then click on "Delete".

Viewing Metadata & Browse

The metadata and/or browse image for any scene can be reviewed by selecting the "Show Metadata" or "Show Browse" options from various right-click popup menus.

Ordering or Downloading Data

When your scene list is complete, click on the "Send to Cart" button in the scene list dialog box or right-click on the scene list dialog box for a popup menu and select "Send to Cart". (NOTE: If you have selected scenes from different collections, you will need to Send to Cart separately for each collection).

For More Information

For more detailed instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please refer to Help.

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